Journal Articles

Gould, H. (2019) Caring for sacred waste: The disposal of butsudan (Buddhist altars) in contemporary Japan. Japanese Religions 43 (1 & 2): 197-220.

Goodwin-Hawkins, B. & Gould, H. (in press, 2019) Fieldwork at Sunset: Visual Representations of the Anthropological Online. FOCAAL 

Gould, H. (2019) Domestic(ating) Buddha: Making a place for Japanese Buddhist altars (butsudan) in Western homesJournal of Material Religion 15 (4): 488-510. 

Gould, H., Kohn, T. & Gibbs, M. (2019) Uploading the ancestors: Experiments with digital Buddhist altars in contemporary JapanDeath Studies 43 (7): 456-465.

Gould, H., Chenhall, R., Kohn, T. & Stevens, C. S. (2019) An Interrogation of Sensory Anthropology of and in JapanAnthropological Quarterly 92 (1):231-258.

Uriu, D., Odom, W. and Gould, H. (2018). Understanding Automatic Conveyor-belt Columbaria: Emerging Sites of Interactive Memorialization in Japan. In Proceedings of the 2018 Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS ’18). ACM, New York: 747-752.

Editor Reviewed Articles

Gould, H. (2019). Kondo and Kuyō: Disposal as a Religious Experience? Sightings, February 14.

Gould, H. (2017)  Our Electric Afterlives. Theorizing the Contemporary, Fieldsights: Current Anthropology. 

Gould, H. (2014). Exhibiting Disaster: The Great Kantō Earthquake, 1923. Collections, 15:46-52.

Book Reviews

Gould, H. (2016) Key Terms in Material Religion. Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford, VII (2) 

Conference Presentations

Gould, H. (2019). ‘Stood to Rest’: Vertical Burial. Death, Dying and Disposal. Bath, UK, September 2019.

Gould, H. (2018). From a ‘good death’ to a ‘calm heart’: Buddhist retailing and self-care in contemporary Japan. Life in an Age of Death: AAS 2018, Cairns

Gould, H. (2018) 捨てられるモノにみる宗教の物質性―現代日本における仏壇の事例研究―. Nanzan Institute for Religious Studies, Nanzan University. [Japanese]

Gould, H. (2017) Material mediations of the dead – as Buddhas, ancestors, antecedents, and angels – in contemporary Japan.Shifting States: AAS/ASA/ANZ Anthropological Societies Conference, The University of Adelaide, December.

Gould, H. (2017) Crisis and innovation in the Japanese Buddhist altar industry. Presented at Buddhism and Business, Market and Merit, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, June.

Gould, H., Kohn, T. & Gibbs, M. (2016) Networking the Ancestors: The Emergence of Digital Butsudan in Japan. Homo Sapiens, Mortality and the Internet, Asia Research Institute National University of Singapore

Panels Convened

Gould, H. & McKay, M. ‘The good in ‘bad Buddhism’: Beyond ancient wisdom for contemporary woes. ASA, 2018, Oxford

Sear, C. & Gould, H. ‘Feeling Capitalism‘. AAS, 2018, Cairns.

Popular Press

Gould, H. (2016) From Spirits to Superfans: Japanese religions and the making of global popular culture. Asian Geographic. November 2016.

Gould, H. (2016) If Pokémon Go feels like a religion, that because it kind isThe Guardian, 12 July. (Over 2000 shares, 10,000 unique reads)

Gould, H. (2017-2018) Column. Shūkyō sangyō shinbun (Japanese Religious industries newspaper) [Japanese]

  1.  仏壇を研究テーマに選んだ理由
  2.  モノと魂の関係性
  3. 「モノ」なくして宗教が成り立たない理由「カタチ」はメディアとして媒介する
  4.  メディアとしての仏壇が発信する周波数
  5. 仏壇に潜む霊性を再認識すること

Invited Talks

Gould, H. (2017, June 5) 文化人類学から見る現代日本における供養とデザイン. Gendai nihon ni okeru kuyō to dezain(Veneration and design in contemporary Japan).東洋大学Toyo University, Human Design Centre [Japanese]

Gould, H. (2016, December 3) Corpses in the Cabinet: The Museum as a Burial Ground. After Death [Symposium] Ian Potter Museum.

Gould, H. (2016) Fieldwork at Sunset: Assessing Anthropological Websites. Ethnoforum, The University of Melbourne.

Radio/ Podcasts

Digital Immortality (2019, August), ABC Darwin

Is there life after grief? (2019, May 5) God Forbid, ABC Radio National

Does it Spark Joy? Interview on Marie Kondo & Religion (2019) BBC World Service, January 2019.

What Happens if… I die? (2018) Joy Radio, What Happens if? Comedy Program, August 18

Your online life after death. (2018). Eavesdrop on Experts. June 20, 2018

Where did the Church do Wrong? Pokémon Go and Debate on Competition(2016). BBC Ireland Sunday Sequence, July 2016 

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