Thesis Abstract

I submitted my PhD thesis in August 2019. Below is the summary abstract. This thesis examines transforming material relations with the dead in contemporary Japan focused on one artefact of Japanese death culture, the Buddhist altar or butsudan (仏壇). Butsudan are complex material artefacts with deep histories of religious symbolism that have been a key site for ancestor veneration,Continue reading “Thesis Abstract”

CfP Workshop: Cultures of Sense in Japan

February 27 & 28, 2020, Melbourne   Japan is home to complex and distinct sensory cultures, which shape how people sense, and make sense, of the world. At this two-day workshop, scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds are invited to discuss contemporary and historical sensory cultures of Japan and to explore how the senses, asContinue reading “CfP Workshop: Cultures of Sense in Japan”

Measuring Australian Religion: God is in the details

In the wake of the 2016 census results, a barrage of analysis proclaiming Australians are “ditching faith”, “turning away from God”, or “losing their religion” presents a concerning misunderstanding of both census data and religion. Census data are limited by what questions are asked, and religion is far more complex than a single question. TheContinue reading “Measuring Australian Religion: God is in the details”